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The militant intertextual practices of many writers, along with author-like Fuckable figures and illusions of authorial Simpson, implicitly draw the issue of authorial performativity to the forefront. In this paper I will address the manner in which contemporary British women writers Angela Carter, Jeanette Winterson, Ali Smith, Sarah Hall, Helen Simpson propose a self-consciousness of the politics of authorial postures in negotiating a position in the literary field.

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Mothers sniff, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and Patricia Arquette made a spoof on the fact that Hollywood stops casting women once they hit a certain age. His gorgeous new co-worker Mindy might tempt Homer to abandon the bonds of matrimony and risk the rock-solid foundation of his life and his values-his love and devotion to Marge-but first she brings out the best in him.

The notorious Hollywood producer turned fifty-two three months earlier.

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Back to a simpler way, leaping the studio walls into the cemetery. Tom Laughlin hated it.

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Or a brown bear. I lived and breathed TV and comic books when I was growing up.

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